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A successful movie is one that makes you feel strong emotions, and no genre is better at gripping your heart and your attention than a horror film. Horror fans are in it for the thrills. They want to feel immediacy, horror, chills, and they want to bring up their adrenaline the same way that people want to go on a roller coaster. Horror movies are even improving in caliber in recent years, and the genre seems to be reinventing itself into something that brings art and horror closer together in increasingly chilling ways. 


If you’re living for the new turn in the horror genre, then you need to try out horror theater. There is no better way to feel those thrills up close and personal than when you are in the same physical space as the actors who are experiencing the horror themselves. 


Horror Theater: The Undeveloped Gem 


Horror theater is underdeveloped, and that is a fact. It means there are not swarms of plays that you can get excited to see. In fact, there is often only one play, if that, in theaters at any given time. What the genre needs is for more people to see these shows, and to advocate for more to be made, because only when there is a demand will those talented creators finally find a production company to take their scripts on. 


How to Start Your Journey into Horror Theater 


That doesn’t mean you need to wait for some far-off future to dip your toe into the genre of horror theater. You can start your journey today by: 


Seeing the Best in Theaters


There have been a few great horror plays over the years, but the most enduring ones are definitely Macbeth and The Woman in Black. Macbeth was the original horror play and touched on the very real fears of Shakespeare’s time regarding witches and black magic. The Woman in Black is the contemporary king of the horror genre in theaters, and both are certainly worth watching. 


Subscribe to Stay Up to Date with New Theater 


To stay up to date with the options available near you, subscribing to the relevant channels is a must, from production companies right up to so that you can snag tickets as soon as they release. This way, you will know what’s out there and be able to see it before the hype sets in, and the tickets are long gone. For big productions like Macbeth, securing those tickets early is key to getting good seats within your budget. 


Advertise the Horror Theater Genre to Help Boost Public Interest


Do you want more horror theater? Then help advertise it. Help it come to life. Advertise the shows that you are going to see, rave about them when you are done, and bring friends and family with you. If every horror fan became interested in horror theater, it would become one of the top genres on stage; we just have to get them out from in front of the movie screen and into a theater seat. 


Join a Troupe Yourself 


If you absolutely love the theater and the creativity of horror theater, then consider joining a troupe yourself. Volunteer your services if need be. A play needs so much more than just actors to come to life, and chances are you can use your skills to help your newest favorite genre take on the big stage. 

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