Those who run online casino sites and land-based casinos are always trying to find ways of bringing in new potential customers and the slots games have always proven to be a particularly effective way of achieving this. This is because it is very easy to design slots games with different themes – for example ones based on popular sports like football – which enables the casino sites to attract those who are interested in these themes.


One of the many different themes that these online slot games have embraced is that of horror movies – which inspire a devoted following – with one of the finest examples being the Nightmare on Elm Street slot. Everyone knows these films that center on the character of Freddy Krueger who comes to you and kills you in your sleep, and the themed slot features Krueger as well as several other characters from the franchise. It also has a couple of great bonus features – like the Never Sleep Again game that triggers when you get three bonus symbols on any of the five reels. This video feature sees you attempt to avoid falling asleep, using the likes of the television and phone for assistance, winning prizes if you do. Throw in the creepy music and film clips of Krueger murders each time you score a winning reel, and you have a frightfully good slot game.

One of the real classics of the horror movie genre is the 1960 film Psycho, which centers on the murder of Marion Crane at the mysterious Bates Motel, and the slot game based on it is as chilling as the movie. It has five reels, like most online slots, and they are filled with icons like the creepy old motel, the infamous ‘slasher’ knife and the terrified eyes of Marion Crane. The slot uses film clips, animations, and scary music during the gameplay to ramp up the atmosphere – with that famed shower scene forming the centerpiece of the game. The combination of this with the $1,250 jackpot make it a must for horror and slot fans alike. Another great horror movie themed slot is Creature from the Black Lagoon, inspired by the 1950s horror film, and featuring five reels and 20 pay lines. The movie centered on the terror wreaked by the creature and the attempt to kill it, with main characters from the film being featured as reel icons in this game. One of the best features is the Spreading Wilds one – where you have to shoot the Creature to win free spins that can multiply your payout.


These great horror movie themed slots can be found on various apps available from, an app store dedicated to real-play casino apps, alongside a wealth of other great games.


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