Short Fiction: FINE FEATHERED YAKUZA by B. Renard

I first became aware of the vast conspiracy against us when I was walking home from the supermarket, spring onions and grape soda bumping against my legs with each step. There was a duck. A mallard, specifically. The lone sentry stood resolute in the barren field,...

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EXILE at Cannes Film Market

17th June 2020, Los Angeles - Recent events have forced the Cannes Film Market to hold its first ever virtual film market. EuroObscura will take part presenting the film EXILE, the new surreal drama from Greek director Vassilis Mazomenos. EXILE is a drama about the...

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RED, BLUE, GOLD by B. Renard

(First installment is here.) “I brought you something.” The words weren’t spoken loudly, but they made the Fate start upright, yawning hugely as her head slipped off the fist she’d propped it on. “I wasn’t sleeping!” “I didn’t say anything about sleeping,” Aki said....

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Crestwood Lake is a secluded town in northern Vermont, spawned from the
Salem Witch Trials. In a saga spanning four hundred years and two
continents, Satan and his coven of witches are determined to reclaim the
tortured community and establish a Hell on Earth.


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