FANTASTIC FICTION at KGB Is Happening September 26th in Manhattan!


FANTASTIC FICTION at KGB reading series, hosts Ellen Datlow and Matthew Kressel present: Tom Monteleone & Lawrence C. Connolly, Wednesday, September 16th, 2015 at KGB Bar, 7pm. Tom Monteleone Tom Monteleone sold his first short story in 1972. Since then, there have been more than a hundred others in magazines and anthologies. He’s written 30 novels including the NY Times bestseller The Blood of the Lamb; edited the award-winning Borderlands anthology series; won the Bram Stoker Award 4 times in 4 different categories; founded and helms the Borderlands Press Writers Boot Camp; loves to read his work to people like you. Despite being dragged kicking and screaming into his 60’s and losing his hair, he still thinks he is dashingly handsome. Humor him.       Lawrence C. Connolly Lawrence C. Connolly’s books include the novels Veins and Vipers, the first two books of the Veins Cycle. Vortex, the third book in the series, was released … [Read more...]

Official ‘Fallout 4′ Vault 111 Sole Survivor Hoodie Revealed


Merchoid has today revealed their extensive range of officially licensed Fallout 4 merchandise, due to be released later this year. The centrepiece of the collection is the The Fallout 4 Vault 111 Sole Suvivor Hoodie, which is modelled on the Vault Dweller's uniform. The zip-up hoodie features Fallout 4's new Vault number '111' on the back, a Vault-tec pocket on the arm and a sun visor built into the hood. The hoodie releases November 9th and is available to preorder from now for £39.99/€59,99/$54.99 (which includes free worldwide postage). The blue and yellow hoodie has been designed to be instantly recognizable to fans of Fallout, as Merchoid Company Director Simon Ward explains: “Our most popular gaming hoodies are always ones that could be in the game. We want it to look like you've walked straight out of Fallout 4, but still be fashionable enough that you can wear it anywhere. The hoodie is warm enough to survive any nuclear winter too. We … [Read more...]

Award Winning PC Horror-Adventure ‘Bulb Boy’ Promises To Scare The Daylight Out Of You This Halloween


Indie developer Bulbware is proud to announce Halloween 2015 as the official release date for their award-winning 2D point-and-click horror-adventure, Bulb Boy. Currently in development for PC and Mac, with more platforms to follow in the future, Bulb Boy recently won the prestigious Best Character Design award at the 2015 Intel® Level Up contest, and promises to scare the daylight out of you! Bulb Boy is being presented at the Intel® booth during PAX Prime, where it will receive its glorious award. Bulb Boy wakes up from a frightening nightmare on a gloomy night to discover that evil has overshadowed the Bulbhouse. His family has disappeared and there are horrid monsters lurking in the shadows. It is your task to find the courage and to use his glass head to save everything he loves. Bulb Boy is an intuitive game with a unique design and graphical style praised by press and peers in the industry. Inspired by classics such as Machinarium™ and Gobliiins™, your … [Read more...]

‘Vampirella’ Celebrates FOUR DECADES Of Being The Sexiest Vampire Alive


The over-sized issue celebrates the heady days of the character’s earliest appearances with contributions from a roster of all-star writers and artists, including: Nancy Collins and Fritz Casas, Eric Trautmann and Brett Weldele, Phil Hester and Jethro Morales, Mark Rahner and Colton Worley, and David Walker and Aneke. Vampirella #1969 will debut in November and feature three covers: one by Robert Hack in retro-style dress, a cover by Jack Jadson, and a rare edition featuring Hack’s artwork in black-and-white, much like the artwork of the original Vampirella magazine. Several of the Vampirella #1969 contributors have shared their thoughts on the upcoming celebratory event: Nancy A. Collins: “When I was asked to contribute a story to Vampirella #1969, I went back to see exactly what was going on the month the first issue of Vampirella hit the stands. As it turns out, the police were searching for the killers responsible for the Tate-LaBianca murders while … [Read more...]

‘The Stranger’ Has A Release Date


Eli Roth (Cabin Fever, Hostel, The Green Inferno) presents the riveting directorial debut of writer Guillermo Amoedo (Aftershock, The Green Inferno, Knock Knock) with this macabre and gruesome tale set in a small Canadian town. Scream Factory, in partnership with IFC Midnight, will bring The Stranger, the tale of a mysterious man whose search for his wife plunges the community into a bloodbath, to Blu-ray and DVD on October 6th, 2015. The Stranger comes loaded with bonus features, including Amoedo’s short film The Fourth Horseman, the new featurette Welcome to Chilewood, theatrical trailers and more. Fans can pre-order their copies now by visiting A mysterious stranger, Martin (Cristóbal Tapia-Montt), arrives seeking to kill his wife Ana (Lorenza Izzo, The Green Inferno, Aftershock) who suffers from a very dangerous disease that makes her as addicted to human blood as he is. But when he discovers that Ana has been dead for a couple of years, … [Read more...]

Lionsgate To Adapt Blockbuster Video Game ‘Borderlands’ Into Feature Film


Lionsgate (NYSE: LGF), a premier next generation global content leader, is teaming with the publisher and creators of Borderlands®, and renowned producers Avi and Ari Arad to adapt Gearbox Software's critically-acclaimed blockbuster video game Borderlands into a tent-pole feature film, the parties announced today. Borderlands is an action role-playing first-person shooter video game created and developed by Gearbox Software and published by 2K, a wholly owned label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTWO). The award-winning Borderlands franchise has been lauded by critics and over the years has built a passionate global fan base, shipping more than 26 million copies around the world since its launch in 2009, including 8 million copies shipped during Take Two's fiscal year 2015 alone. Set in the frontier of a sci-fi universe, Borderlands is best known for Gearbox's blending of irreverent humor and characters, with a unique comic-book art style, and … [Read more...]

The Flock, Asymmetrical Multiplayer Horror Game, Available Now on Windows


The Flock, an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game from Vogelsap, is now available for Windows. The game will have an unprecedented limited life span due to the game’s population countdown. The Flock launches with a population of 215,358,979. Every time a player dies as one of the Flock, the number will decrease by one. Once the population countdown reaches zero, the game will no longer be for sale, and only those who have The Flock in their libraries will be able to take part in an unrevealed climactic finale that will end the game forever. Gameplay revolves around two separate roles: the Flock and the Carrier. Players begin each game as one of the Flock, a hideous race of skeletal beasts with inhuman agility and supernatural powers. The goal when you’re a member of the Flock is to seek out and touch the Light Artifact, which will spawn somewhere within the level, or to pounce upon whoever currently has the Light Artifact and take it from them. Once one of … [Read more...]

Release Date Announced for ‘Unnatural’


Courtney Solomon's After Dark Films is set to release the next ravenous horror film Unnatural in the '8 Films to Die For' horror line-up, hitting theaters October 16, 2015. This latest addition travels us to the cold stark Alaskan wilderness promising plenty of screams with no one to hear them. Written by Ron Carlson and Arch Stanton, directed by Hank Braxtan and produced by Ron Carlson, the film preys on our fear of the unknown and the Unnatural. "This film takes us far from Civilization to the land of blood and snow, where it answers the age-old question of what happens when Man plays God" says Stephanie Caleb, EVP of Creative Affairs & Acquisitions at After Dark Films. The film stars James Remar (Dexter), Sherilyn Fenn (Rude Awakening), Graham Greene (The Green Mile), Stephanie Hodes (Life Blood), Q'orianka Kilcher (The New World), Ivana Korab (If You Only Knew), Ray Wise (RoboCop), and Allegra Carpenter (The Fault in Our Stars). "I really tried … [Read more...]

‘Red Awakening’ Has Hit Kickstarter


Indie developer Domino Effect Ltd launched their first project on Kickstarter. Set during the aftermath of the Vietnam War in the mid-1970s, Red Awakening depicts a United States in turmoil. The youth are out of control, with once peaceful student protests devolving into violent street riots. Fearing a civil war with the youth of America and the ever-increasing threat of communism, the powers-that-be covertly funds a clandestine CIA mind control program. Codenamed: “Red Awakening”, this program is designed to solve all of America’s problems at once… but things don’t go according to plan. Focused on team based gameplay, Red Awakening draw inspiration from elements that can be seen in the original Thief, Manhunt, Time Splitters 2 and Condemned: Criminal Origins. After 2 years of self-funded development the team has now chosen Kickstarter to achieve the final stretch to deliver the best possible experience on both PC and Console. First iteration of the … [Read more...]

Raven Banner to Release ‘El Gigante’


Raven Banner has boarded Luchagore Productions, El Gigante, directed by Gigi Saul Guerrero for worldwide rights, which was featured in the current edition of The Frontieres International Co-Production Market. They will also serve as Executive Producers. The film tells the story of a deranged maniac in a Luchador mask named El Gigante who wrestles his prey to the mat in a grisly entertainment ritual of thrill-packed culinary prep for his cannibalistic family. The deal was negotiated by Luchagore's Raynor Shima and Raven Banner's James Fler and Michael Paszt. "The team of Gigi, Raynor, and Luke at Luchagore is one of the most exciting new genre production companies to come out of Canada and we're excited to get in the ring with them," stated Raven Banner Managing Partner Michael Paszt. Producer Shima said, "Luchagore is proud to further strengthen its bond with Raven Banner in the development of El Gigante by coming on as EP, worldwide sales, and Canadian … [Read more...]

Check Out Short Film ‘The Tailypo’!


Red Headed Revolution unleashes a tale of a tail in creepy Tailypo short. The Appalachian cryptozoology folk tale of “The Tailypo” has been brought to life, in a terrifying live-action film from director Cameron McCasland. McCasland had been carrying the Tailypo story around for years stating, “The first time I heard this legend I was in elementary school, and my teacher told it to us around Halloween. It always stuck with me, and creeped me out. I wanted to tell it again, in a way that was frightening, but still accessible in the same way it was to me as a kid.” Tailypo re-teams McCasland with actor David Chattam who had previously appeared as Carl Degas in his 2014 released slasher film, The Lashman. The Tailypo is voiced by Danielle Geleherter more commonly known as TV horror host Penny Dreadful in the New England area. McCasland had previously worked with her on the Emmy-nominated 2010 made for television movie The Dreadful Hallowgreen Special. The … [Read more...]

‘We Are Still Here’ Arrives on Blu-ray 10/6


A tragic death leaves a married couple devastated, but their misery soon turns into mortal fear in the thoroughly haunting new film WE ARE STILL HERE. The Dark Sky Films/MPI theatrical release, from the producers of The House of the Devil and Cheap Thrills, comes to Blu-ray and DVD on October 6, 2015. WE ARE STILL HERE is an atmospheric, classically constructed haunted house story, but with modern, heightened tension and action. After their teenage son Bobby is killed in a car crash, Paul and Anne Sacchetti move to an isolated 19th-century house in the New England countryside to try to start a new life. But soon the grieving couple begin to sense they are not alone in the old house. The Sacchettis' psychic friend May arrives to investigate Anne's hopeful feeling that Bobby's spirit is also there. Unknowingly, the Sacchettis become the prey of a family of vengeful spirits that reside in their new home, and before long they discover that the seemingly peaceful … [Read more...]

NIGHTMARES ILLUMINATED. The column for horror evangelists. 058 The Teeth Beneath the Gums

bad magic

What does September mean to me, you ask? No, I know no one would ever ask that question, but if they did, I would say school is getting going. I have been moonlighting in higher education for a while now (a few decades) and this time of year always brings me alternatingly to tears or despair. Sometimes they don’t alternate. If you are on the other side of it, a student, I hope you are not as suicidally depressed as the teachers. After all, somebody should be getting something out of this. Right? Well, anyway, there are some good things, too, about September. Football, mainly. And hockey is only a month away now. And no matter what time of year it is, there is always a new good book to read right around the corner, or a song to listen to, or a movie to watch. If you can just remember one or two of the good things you can push that ole Suicide Fairy on down the road a piece. Good thing, right? The pushing? That’s a good thing? For the sake of the argument, let’s … [Read more...]

Author Sam Stone Inks Deal with Telos Publishing

01 Killing Kiss Cover F100

Telos publishing is pleased to announce that they have picked up publishing rights in Sam Stone's popular 'Vampire Gene' series of novels. The series, currently standing at five novels, with a sixth currently in development, will be republished by Telos with all-new covers later in 2015, with the sixth book, JADED JEWEL, due for release in 2016. 'Sam's vampire novels are like a breath of fresh air,' said Telos Publishing's Editorial Director, David J Howe. 'I love her characters and the worlds she builds, and they constantly surprise and amaze the reader. It's a delight to be publishing the new volume as we know that it is eagerly awaited by her fans.' The series mixes horror and fantasy, with a slice of science fiction as a 'family' of vampires explore their roots and heritage, coming up against evil and misguided forces out to destroy them. As the books progress, so the vampires learn how to fly and how to time travel, and the series shifts from high-octane … [Read more...]

Giving Sound to Terror – Behind the Music of ‘SOMA’


Join composer Mikko Tarmia for a look (and listen) behind the unsettling score of SOMA, the upcoming descent into horror from Frictional Games, creators of the Amnesia and Penumbra series. Coming September 22nd, SOMA is now available for PC pre-order on Steam and Pre-order customers will receive 10% off the normal price of $29.99. Enter the world of SOMA and face horrors buried deep beneath the ocean waves. Delve through locked terminals and secret documents to uncover the truth behind the chaos. Seek out the last remaining inhabitants and take part in the events that will ultimately shape the fate of the station. But be careful, danger lurks in every corner: corrupted humans, twisted creatures, insane robots, and even an inscrutable omnipresent A.I. You will need to figure out how to deal with each one of them. Just remember there’s no fighting back; either you outsmart your enemies or you get ready to … [Read more...]