Ancient Egypt has captured the imaginations of people from all over the world. The images of mighty Pharaohs and Queens, breathtaking architecture, mystical gods, and wealth beyond measure. These imaginings have given rise to tales and fantasies that we have heard for most of our lives. The fact that the very things we romanticize existed in history simply adds to the appeal and mystery of Ancient Egypt. 

Books, blockbuster movies, and games have all been created around the mystique of Ancient Egypt, with the Book of Dead slot game proving to be the most popular Eygpt-themed video slot in a decade.

Developed by Play’n Go back in 2014 Book of Dead has an RTP of 96.21% and features our hero who is very much like Indiana Jones and the Book of Dead that keeps the secret of the hidden world of the dead.

Although there are many other Egypt-themed slots, there is something about Book of Dead which keeps slot lovers coming back. 

Book of Dead Stats

You can play Book of Dead at websites like and it has the same structure as most modern video slots. With 5 reels and 10 pay lines, the minimum bet you can make is 0.01, and the maximum bet is 100. 

Besides being able to bet up to 100, the Book of Dead is so popular because of its special features. 

  • Wilds and Scatter are represented by the Book of Dead 
  • The free spins feature is 10 free spins and is triggered by landing on three or  more scatters
  • The expanding symbol can get triggered during the free spins
  • There is also a gamble feature where you can choose to gamble with the chance of increasing your winnings 

Some Interesting Facts about The Book of Dead

The Book of Dead was a religious text (partly true) and is thought to have been created around 1150 BCE. Widely considered one of the most famous books in history, technically, it was more a compilation of texts. 

The ancient Egyptians believed in magic with a spell for just about any occasion. Many of the spells found inside the Book of Dead were found painted onto objects and tomb walls with pyramids. When you play Book of Dead, you might notice some faint inscriptions carved into the ancient pillars of the backdrop

For a great many years, the Book of Dead was a mystery even though people were aware of it from as far back as the Middle Ages, but what it contained could not be deciphered. 

It was in 1805 that the first edition was published, however, it wasn’t until 1822, when Jean Francois Champollion began to translate hieroglyphics that he was able to identify the funerary rituals and their purposes. 

It was Karl Richard Lepsius who named the text the Book of the Dead, and this is where the slot game Book of Dead gets its name. 

In all, the Book of the Dead contains 165 spells, with the translation and reproduction of the book continuing over the years. There have been numerous people who have dedicated themselves to the project, some are now considered to be out of date, but the fascination never ceases.

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