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The mighty casino industry is booming online and there’s no question about it. There are lots of online casinos that keep millions of players entertained. If you’re looking for another site to give you hours upon hours of entertainment then follow this link. You’ll find lots of games to your liking along with a myriad of bonuses and prizes to keep things interesting.

Behind the flashy spectacles that are casinos hides the dark past of the casino industry and one of its most important cities – Las Vegas. Some of the casinos today had ties with the underground and were the witnesses of some gruesome events. This is why they’re haunted. The following list isn’t for the weak-hearted as it contains the haunted casinos of Las Vegas:

Bally’s Resort and Casino

Before this casino became a casino establishment it was an MGM Grand hotel. It was doing good until 1980 when it caught fire due to faulty electronics. This fire was dubbed the second-largest hotel fire due in US history. Over 80 people lost their lives and some of them died because they decided to leap from the windows rather than letting the fire take them.

After this tragedy, the resort and casino was built. Ghosts of staff and guests are reported to haunt the casino. These claims serve as a reminder of what happened before and make Bally’s Resort and Casino a haunted place.


This casino is known for its shady connections to the mob. The man who owned it needed a lot of money to build it. Jay Sarno hoped to get some of that money back after the casino opened however it didn’t prove profitable. That’s when he turned to the mob for a loan of $23 million. Even after that things didn’t go as planned so he sold the casino.

Circus-Circus has also been a place that is known for ghostly activity. Rooms 123, 230 and 203 have been reported to be the centers of such activity. HELP ME has appeared on some bathroom mirrors and screams and begging for help have been reported. Who knows what took place in those rooms but one thing is sure: it wasn’t pretty.

The Flamingo

The Flamingo takes one step further when it comes to ties with the mob as the man who built it was Bugsy Siegel. He rubbed shoulders with the “greats” of his time such as Meyer Lansky and Lucky Luciano. As to what kind of a guy he was you can look to his nickname which meant “crazy” at the time.

With all that information in mind, Bugsy isn’t the kind of person you want to meet in a dark alley. However, it was thanks to his vision that people have The Flamingo today. Consequently, because of his dedication to the place, there have been reports of his spirit up and about the hotel. He was seen in the Presidential Suite as well as the swimming pool. Some of the staff have even quit their jobs at the mere sight of him.  

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