Horror films have become so diverse over the last few decades, encompassing all manner of frightening elements. No longer just restricted to killer dolls or mythical creatures, pretty much anything can be featured in a horror movie.

In this article, we’ll be looking at horror films that feature gambling as an element to enhance the spooky action further.

Resident Evil: Extinction

Is there anything better than a bit of post-apocalyptic horror? The backdrop of a burnt out Las Vegas is the setting for this movie and of course, this features a bit of gambling. The radiant Mila Jovovich returns to the starring role in the franchise and really shakes things up in a world that will remind you of Mad Max.

Expert gamblers loved the gambling based scenes in this movie, as they weren’t simply flung together with no regard for the source material. Even though this is the third movie in the franchise, it hasn’t fallen prey to the usual curse of sequels and continues to be a blockbuster. With new games and movies still coming out, we don’t think the Resident Evil franchise will ever truly be finished.

Leprechaun 3

We look back on this movie exceptionally fondly, as it’s a part of a series that was instrumental in early 90s horror. It starred Warwick Davis as an evil Irish leprechaun, on a quest to retrieve his gold at any cost. The unique mix of horror and comedy is one of our favorite aspects of this movie, making it a must watch on St Patrick’s Day.

The third installment of the franchise takes the leprechaun out on the streets of Las Vegas, where more than a little gambling occurs. Both casino gaming and a bit of a flutter on bingo happens within this movie, bingo and films are also a match made in heaven too. Horror films really can feature just about everything!

Dead Man’s Hand

We all know that if you inherit something from your rich uncle, it’s most likely going to be haunted. This is exactly the case in this movie, as a young man inherits a casino filled with gangster ghosts. While the premise is a bit campy and odd, it’s actually pretty watchable and interesting to follow. The gangsters in the movie are a bit more funny than scary, but there are still a couple of jump scares to watch out for.

It’s not a massive blockbuster and the production value isn’t huge, but any fans of horror will love how it all goes down. Critics aren’t overly impressed with the film, but we think it has a certain quality that makes it enjoyable. If you’re a fan of other campy horror movies then you’ll no doubt love this one too.

If you’re an avid fan of both gambling and horror then you can enjoy each of these movies to combine these elements. It’s always a good time to watch a horror, queue them up and you’ll be hiding behind your couch in no time.

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