It’s Better in the Dark, Isn’t It?

By: Brent Abell

If I had a choice between reading about the light or reading about the dark; I pick the dark every time. Since I like to read on the dark side, my fiction takes a bend toward that way too. I could write about fuzzy bunnies and rainbows, but I’d rather make my worlds infested with zombies, demons, and serial killers. But I let the light sneak in… a little.

In my work, the message I try to convey is no matter how bad the world is or how dire the situation is, there’s always a glimmer of hope. When the wind sweeps across a nuke-blasted landscape and mutants dwell outside the colony’s gates; you hope the sun will rise and you can breathe fresh air again. You believe it will get better and that you’ll be able to leave the city for good and rebuild some semblance of society in the world again.

There are some seriously dark and bleak subjects in my work, but I always want to give something for the characters to strive for. I want them to have a reason to live. In The Calling, Sheriff Frank Hill has seen the worst of his town and is feeling the weight of the world on his shoulders. But, a man will give him hope. Sheriff Hill will find the hope he needs restored to help his town and lift the black veil covering it.

It’s like life; if we didn’t have anything to hope or to live for, than what is the point? I wouldn’t want to wake up and face the day if I didn’t have hope the day would be a good one. I hope that when Frank, Deputy Prater, and Carl all wake up in the beginning of The Calling, they have something to live for. I hope and pray for them because when the darkness comes, they’ll need hope from all of us…


The CallingBrent Abell

Carl Volker has a problem. After waking one morning with a hangover to find his wife gone, he notices a crow stalking around his yard.  As days go by with no word from his wife, more and more crows gather.

Frank Hill is sheriff in the seemingly pleasant town of White Creek. Up until recently, his job has been fairly mundane but after a recent spree of murders, bodies are beginning to pile up and Frank has no clue as to who the killer may be.

White Creek has kept its secrets hidden well over the years but the sins of its past are coming to light; the town harbors an evil and the bindings that keep it in check are beginning to unravel.

As Frank and Carl’s friendship is tested and their destinies are revealed, the dead accumulate while the crows watch and The Calling begins!

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Brent Abell lives in Southern Indiana with his wife, sons, and a pug who sits around eating the souls of wayward people. His stories have been featured in over 30 publications from multiple presses. His work includes his novella In Memoriam, collection Wicked Tales for Wicked People, and novel Southern Devils; which are available now. He also co-authored the horror-comedy Hellmouth series. Currently, he is working on the second book in the Southern Devils series and the next book with Frank Hill in the White Creek Saga.


Facebook: Brent T. Abell

Twitter: @BrentTAbell


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