ScareLA, the original summer Halloween convention, is excited to announce its 2016 film programming for this year’s festival to feature 75 exclusive screenings throughout the weekend of August 6th-7th, 2016 in Pasadena. ScareLA received over 2,100 submissions of features and shorts from over 20 countries around the world and is now unveiling this year’s star-studded lineup. The selection of films are immersed with scary storylines and haunting plots, keeping within ScareLA’s Halloween theme.

“This year’s incredible selection of films will thrill audiences at ScareLA,” said Screening Curator Emily Rua. “The biggest challenge was narrowing down our choices, we had so much extraordinary content to choose from.” ScareLA Executive Producer Lora Ivanova added “Our number one objective in all of our programming choices is to capture the spirit of Halloween. We are grateful for all of our programming partners and community of talented filmmakers who contributed to our con. We look forward to sharing our dark passion for the scare tradition on screen as well as all throughout the event show floor this August 6th-7th at the Pasadena Convention Center.”

Exclusive featured programming includes ”The Blackout Experiments,” a nightmarish tale about extreme haunts, that came into the spotlight during Sundance Film Festival, “Tales of Halloween,” stories of ghosts, ghouls, monsters, the devil, aliens, and ax murderers who terrorize a suburb on Halloween night.produced by Epic Pictures and showcasing an incredible array of local filmmakers, Rodney Ascher’s ”The Nightmare,” a recent Sundance selection that explores sleep paralysis and has been named one of the scariest documentaries ever, “Sliders of Ghost Town,” a film about the amazing scare art of sliding, and “Creature of the Bates Motel,” with the notorious Brian Evans and comedian Carrot Top – the first music video ever filmed at The Bates Motel, authorized by The Alfred Hitchcock Estate.

Special programming and fun additions will be included with guest feature blocks from top local horror film festivals Shriekfest, Screamfest and Horrible Imaginings, and family-friendly programming with films Halloween Treats, Halloween Tricks, Zomedy, Monsters, Witches and a special Animated block.

Additionally, for the first time ever, ScareLA will be presenting an “Audience Award” to filmmakers and audiences will be able to vote for their favorite film. The winner will receive a special prize from Shriekfest and a free submission into their 2016 festival.

ScareLA will be held August 6th and 7th, 2016 at the Pasadena Convention Center. Debuting in 2013, ScareLA celebrates the diverse Halloween industry of the West Coast – from its iconic theme parks to home haunts. The event is a mecca for horror fans and families. Attracting close to 10,000 guests in 2015, ScareLA is one of the fastest growing independent conventions in the U.S.

To buy tickets or learn more about ScareLA’s 2016 plans, visit the ScareLA website at

About ScareLA

Founded in 2013, ScareLA is the Southern California convention dedicated to all things Halloween. Situated in the entertainment capital of the world, the event celebrates the American scare season traditions and the diverse cultural heritage of the Greater Los Angeles region. Featuring hundreds of specialty vendors, education programming, world-class industry presentations, ScareLA draws over 10,000 professionals, fans and families from the U.S. and abroad to celebrate Halloween early every summer. ScareLA is one of the fastest growing independent fan conventions in the U.S. addressing a $10 billion Halloween industry worldwide.


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