Ash vs Evil Dead gave Evil Dead fans three blood-splattered seasons of Bruce Campbell reprising his iconic role as Ash Williams. While it’s sad to see the show come to an end, it lives on in Fright-Rags’ Ash vs Evil Dead collection. New apparel from Killer Klowns from Outer Space and Creepshow 2 is also available.

Fright-Rags laments the recent finale of Ash vs Evil Dead with a collection of merchandise dedicated to the Starz series. The first batch in a planned series of Ash vs Evil Dead apparel includes five T-shirts and three enamel pins featuring Ash, Kelly, Pablo, Deadites, and more.

Nobody’s gonna put you in a balloon again if you’re wearing one of Fright-Rags’ Killer Klowns from Outer Space shirts. The line includes four T-shirts and three ringer tees in custom colors made exclusively for Fright-Rags.

Fright-Rags has released a Creepshow 2 collection featuring five T-shirts and four enamel pins. All three of the horror anthology’s segments – “Old Chief Wooden Head,” “The Raft,” and “The Hitchhiker” – are represented.

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Be sure to return to the site this Friday, May 18, for Fright-Rags’ latest “classick” re-print. Jeff Zornow’s C.H.U.D. shirt will be available for three days only.