After getting more than 70 selections and 10 international awards at festivals around the world with his first short film, Into the Mud, Pablo S. Pastor is back on camera in Bye Bye Baby, a short working now to become a long feature.

This time Karina Kolokolchykova replaces Maria Forqué as the principal scream queen.

Written by Javier Parra and Pastor himself, its plot is as follows: “A young woman is about to spend a quiet night at home with the only company of a movie. After a friend’s call, everything seems to go wrong. The feeling of anguish and confusion grows every minute at the inexplicable events that are chained in the house and a question runs through her mind, is she really alone?”

After travelling with Into the Mud in so many important festivals around the world such as Sitges, Screamfest, Transilvania International Film Festival, San Sebastián’s Fantastic Week or even have been nominated to the Méliès D’Argent Prize, now Pablos S. Pastor takes a new step in his career with Bye Bye Baby, a short film whose national premiere will be in the Official Section of Sitges in its 50th anniversary. The short is an homage to titles like Scream, Halloween, or When a Stranger Calls, a short that would try to get you to never want to be alone at home again. Will it make it?

Discover Bye Bye Baby in its official trailer: