BlankMediaGames, the studio behind Kickstarter successes Town of Salem and Town of Salem – The Card Game launched their latest endeavor today on Kickstarter. The company’s newest card game, Town of Salem’s The Savior of Salem, promises cooperation, backstabbing, and monster mayhem as you try to drive the Witches from Salem.

The Savior of Salem is a simple, easy-to-learn, mulitplayer RPG dungeon crawling game.  You fight monsters, grow your mob, work with and backstab other players in order to be the first player to overpower the Coven and become the Hero of the Town.

The rules are simple, 3-6 players draw their starting hand.  Cards will allow you to grow your mobs’ strength, give yourself bonuses, and mess with the other players in the game.  Every turn a player searches a house.  If there is a monster in that house, the player must fight it.  With each monster you defeat, you get rewards.  This can include growing your mob, equipment for your mob, identities, and items.  Sometimes you will stumble upon a monster you cannot beat.  You can ask the other players for help in exchange for a reward.  Other players can also make monsters you could defeat much harder to defeat, or add more monsters to the fight.  Players grow their mob until they have 20 mob members.  Whoever gets 20 mob members first, wins the game and is The Savior of Salem!

Each Town of Salem’s The Savior of Salem card box features 150 cards total.  There are 70 House Cards (which includes monsters, traps, or empty houses filled with rewards), 18 Identity Cards(which give your character or your mob special abilities), and 62 Chest Cards(which give you equipment or action cards that you can use, trade, or sell for more mob members), along with the rule book.

Some backers tiers include the…

  • The Pilgrim: $25 gets you one copy of the card game.
  • The Coven: $45 gets you 2 copies of the game.
  • The Werewolf: $250 gets you 1 copy of the game, & an extra copy signed by the creators.
  • The Horseman of the Apocalypse: $500 gets you one copy of the game, an extra copy signed by the creators, and they will each draw you a custom card.

Each reward tier comes with free bonus digital rewards that don’t add to the physical game cost. They include in-game currency (Town Points), pets, and exclusive characters.

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