hotel-barclayFrom the brilliantly perverse and dark mind of Writer/Director Leah Myette comes The Hotel Barclay, a provocative, new, thirteen-episode web series that has horror fans across the country singing its praise with the release of Season One on YouTube (October 1, 2015). The highly anticipated Season Two, featuring seven additional, bone-chilling episodes will be released once a week starting Jan 19, 2016.

Much like The Twilight Zone meets The Shining, The Hotel Barclay is a psychological horror series about a haunted hotel which preys upon the vulnerabilities of guests in a dreadful overlap of past and present. Vulnerable, transient individuals check into The Hotel Barclay. The hotel watches, the hotel waits, the hotel takes.

In many ways, each episode is identical, even though the cast and plot differs. One to several characters check into The Hotel Barclay. A vulnerability is demonstrated among them. The hotel preys upon that vulnerability, through the malevolent energy which courses through the hotel.

And in their own way, each ending is always the same: one or more of the guests is retaken by the hotel, and we come to see this person was in fact, always a part of the hotel. The terror the hotel invokes is both a siren’s song to the parties singled out as prey and a melancholy waltz.

The hotel always leads and the hotel always wins.

If you’re a fan of the macabre, you’ll love this brilliantly twisted series.

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