The Globster of Cape Frankfurt
C. F. Page
Strange Elf Press (October 2, 2022)
Review by Elaine Pascale

The Globster of Cape Frankfurt is simply a good story. It is an enjoyable read that asks nothing of you except that you go along for the ride. The narrative voice is engaging in a way that the story could have been about anything (or, at least, any creature) and it would have been an equally great read.

The Globster is a sea creature that washes ashore, immediately impacting the small community of Cape Frankfurt. While the Globster’s presence is kept secret, its damage has a ripple effect.

The titular Globster takes a bit of a backseat, as all good monsters should—remember how long it took to actually see “Bruce” in Jaws? Instead of placing the monster in direct view, Page teases the reader with snippets of catastrophe and madness. The Globster is the impetus for both, yet the narrator seems reliable and immune to the madness.

When the reader finally confronts the Globster, it does not disappoint. Page writes, “…when angels always appeared they said, ‘Be not afraid,’ because sometimes the truth, and the shape it took, could be terrifying.” The Globster is no angel, and his truth is terrifying—as revealed in the fun, mini-twist at the end.

The Globster of Cape Frankfurt is a great tale of cosmic horror. It moves quickly, and is a short read, yet it has an expansive simmer to it that creates a satisfying ending. The Globster of Cape Frankfurt is a must read for Lovecraft fans, but it will also satisfy those who thirst for good old fashioned creature horror.