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Author:  Thomas (Sully) Sullivan [ Tue Jan 17, 2017 10:57 am ]

How do I explain CASE WHITE? I wrote this novel so many years ago, and passed on the stellar publishing chances it had in order to keep its integrity. And then there was the excited publisher who was talking a six-figure advance to my agent and was going to fly to Detroit to speak with me, but he was devastated by his wife’s sudden death and got out of publishing. Another major New York publisher wanted me to “Ludlum-ize” it, believing I had made up the parts that were true while believing in the parts I had made up. Because how do you explain how a nation like Germany went insane for 12 years? How do you create a coherent thesis to explain the bizarre chain of religious artifacts and occult magic that underpinned a government whose genocides obliged it to throw out Judeo-Christian science whenever it whispered in secret about the origins of man? Other books have dealt with pieces of the Nazi regime’s sweeping eccentricities, but I spent four years researching and novelizing CASE WHITE in order to unify the history in a solid tour de force. People who have read it – especially those who know a little history – have praised it to the skies. But given my low-key approach to promo, I realize it’s going to be easy for this book to get lost. This is not light fare. Still, it’s caught fire with people wherever it’s been, and so I hope it will do so again – this time with a broad audience. All by way of announcing that the hardcover and paperback editions so many of you have asked about are finally out today! Here’s an Amazon link to the paperback/hardcover/ebook choices along with reviews. You can check out the free opening sample as well:
https://www.amazon.com/Case-White-Thoma ... 8&qid=&sr=

And here's a Tony Tremblay HorrorWorld review as well: http://horrorworld.org/hw/2014/11/case-white/

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