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The Frog Up The Skirt
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Author:  dennislatham [ Thu Jun 28, 2012 5:16 am ]
Post subject:  The Frog Up The Skirt

I grew up in a neighborhood called Northside during the 50s. When I was a kid, maybe ten or eleven, they had a Northside Day at Stricker's Grove. I rode out with one of my friends' Dad. Since it was in the 50s, all the girls had those long skirts, some of them were poofy like hoop skirts. All the older guys looked like hoods with duck tails and cigarettes dangling. Anyway, we were doing kids stuff, trying to peek in the girls john and running around like nuts. I found this giant frog, and we let it go underneath the main shelter on the dance floor while a bunch of couples were dancing. The frog got under some girl's skirt and jumped up in her crotch or somewhere between her legs. She screamed like in a horror movie and her boyfriend thought the guy behind her had grabbed her butt and he punched him. That started one hell of a fight involving 20 or 30 hoods while we were trying to act innocent. It broke up the whole dance and damn near caused a riot, all over a frog up a skirt. The girl was screaming through the whole thing, and we never did find the frog again. It was the funniest damn thing I've ever seen or caused. So in other words, it ended up like most Northside dances back in the 50s, in a big fight.

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