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Author:  dennislatham [ Sun Mar 18, 2012 4:03 pm ]
Post subject:  Psycho Worldwide Headquarters

Do you want to know where a vast majority of the worldwide psychos, misfits, degenerates, brain dead, insecure, mongoloid, and midget brained, non-card playing perverts are on the web?

Try playing free hearts on the MSN network. You can chose a player name like groinescratch, or bigpoleman or hautvajeana and join a rousing game of hearts. It's difficult to get a game because people often quit before the game starts or right as the game starts, in an attempt to mess with other players. By the time you go through the eight steps or so to even get a match, you'll find out that most people actually believe it's a game of skill instead of a computer dealing the cards in a pre-chosen way. It's 90% cards and 10% playing skill, but people will act like you killed their mother if you give them the Queen of spades. They will call you every name in the book. Some people stall for as long as possible, believing they are tormenting other players. Some cuss constantly on the chat board. Some hold grudges if they have a match with someone who beat them before. Some just mumble. Many quit after the first hand. Most blame any loss on someone else. It's bad during the week, but I swear that MSN must have a contract with every psycho ward in the world with computers because on Saturday and Sunday they are all online.

If hearts online is any indicator of the current state of the human race, the world is doomed, and very soon.

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