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Breaking Down Law and Order
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Author:  dennislatham [ Mon Dec 26, 2011 7:52 am ]
Post subject:  Breaking Down Law and Order

Here is some inside information out of Cincinnati, which I believe can be applied to many cities in the country. The criminal cases number 35-40 thousand a year, over 100 a day. There are currently no women in Cincinnati jails, unless they have done something extremely violent. Right now there are no women being held in the system. For men, almost any crime short of murder rates probation instead of jail time. Breaking and entering, robbery, etc., all giving probation and the people let out on the street. They won't even hold you for drug offenses. There is no room in the jails, and the funding keeps getting cut. Crime in Cincinnati is rampant, with multiple shootings almost everyday. We are on the verge of a society where citizens will have to fend for themselves because the police and courts will no longer be able to help you. If you have no means other than good intentions to protect yourself or your family, it is time to arm yourself for defense or you chance of become a victim increases daily.

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