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All the Gods Against Me Sample:
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Author:  BBerntson [ Thu Mar 13, 2014 3:58 pm ]
Post subject:  All the Gods Against Me Sample:

Here is a sample of ALL THE GODS AGAINST ME, which is now available on Amazon:

“…If you want a war, then let’s go to war. Tell me the time and place. ‘I’ll scrap anytime you say,’” Clarence said, quoting one of his favorite movies.

The Blue God smiled. “The time,” he said, leaning toward Clarence, “is now. The place is this mighty battlefield you see around you: Earth, the galaxy, perhaps the entire universe itself. What say you to such a proposition? Are you ready for battle, Mr. Manning? Are you ready to jeopardize those who live around you, those snot-nosed wailing infants and their domineering mothers you scoff at every day? Are you willing to pay the price for their survival? Wait! Let me speak for you. In the words of Clarence Manning, ‘I think not.’ You do not care if they live or die, just as you are unconcerned with your own salvation. Think, Mr. Manning, for just a moment, about the fate of the world and all that binds it. Air. Water. Gravity. Yes. Explanations for science. Perfect. It gives you understanding. But what about the thousand and one billion unanswered questions? Too difficult to describe? Or too simple? Perhaps, even disappointing. Think for just a minute, Mr. Manning, that the earth and the stars, the sun and the sea, the galaxies, the universe, are bound by...”

“Gods,” Clarence said.

“Whatever you want to call it. And think for just a minute—quite funny if you will—about that law of this ‘binding.’ Perhaps, if I could, I could not only create a creature such as yourself with harm and brutality for his fellow man, but the power to make or destroy, not merely what lies around him, but in fact, everything that lies around him. What if I gave the power of the gods to you, Mr. Manning? A soul who wants nothing more than to die? A soul who wants everything around him to die? Who wants to sleep and never wake? What would be your answer then?”

http://www.amazon.com/All-Gods-Against- ... n+berntson

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