Tabula Mortem Spirit Board – Communicate with the Beyond
by Judas Knight, Jerome VanDyke, Jacob VanDyke, and Jordan VanDyke
US Games Systems, Inc. (August 2021)
Reviewed by Wendy Stokes

This is a modern spirit board used to contact the spirit world. The box contains a fold out board, 16 inches x 16 inches, and a pendulum with a 12 inch chain. Full instructions are provided in the accompanying book on how to use and store the board and pendulum, to use incense and candles for readings, with recommendations to make notes for this communal activity. There is a poem for blessing the board, a grounding meditation and information on how to make an offering to the Lwa. Information is given on the origins and history of the planchette/ouija (wee-gee) board, with explanations of the process, what happens after death, of superstitions related to the board, and warnings of Lwa, elementals and shells.

Cave runes are profiled. These are very ancient symbols, as old as time itself, and meanings are provided in the book. Ordinary letters and numbers are also on the board with ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’.

It is interesting and provides another perspective on readings. These are quite ambiguous and like seeing through a glass darkly! Take, for example, Y is titled Crutch. From the book: “I believe that we are looking at a crutch. This may be similar to the crook but the symbolism is different. The crook is used as a cane to walk with when one is old. A crutch implies being wounded and needing help. We know from the bones of ancient people that they often suffered injuries that must have required others to take care of them for long periods of time. This simple forked stick would have been easy to fashion and useful to someone with an injured leg. So we are looking at sickness, suffering and pain but also support and taking care of others. This spirit is probably talking about something painful either emotionally or physically. It may be speaking of an accidental injury. It may be offering help or support.”

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