Over at his blog, Steven Ray Orr has an amazing review of Scott R. Jones’ Shout Kill Revel Repeat, released by Trepidatio Publishing:

“When I read Jones I am struck by the certainty that he knows something that I do not. Shout Kill Revel Repeat is an existential map for the 21st century and one that seems like it will continue to be relevant well into the 22nd — and scrawled across its pages are warnings aplenty: here be dragons (hic sunt Dagon?). It does not feel like naïveté, but rather an omen of something at the edges of what I should know but do not. An omen that I have blinded myself to, because accepting it, even acknowledging it, would push against the boundaries that keep me whole. I would rather be incomplete.”

Read the complete review right here.

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Scarlett R. Algee is the managing editor for JournalStone/Trepidatio Publishing and author of the collection BLEEDTHROUGH AND OTHER SMALL HORRORS.