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(OT) Splinter
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Author:  ttzuma [ Sun Dec 25, 2011 9:41 pm ]
Post subject:  (OT) Splinter

Beatle fans might know of them, and I'm sure die hard George Harrison fans definitely do, that in the early 70's there was a band called Splinter that Harrison took under his wing and produced. Their first album was a big hit and sold oodles, but their second release on Dark Horse Records called Harder To Live, kinda died. It was a great album though, much better in my mind than the first release.

For some reason, neither album was ever released on c.d. I have the vinyl versions but hate to play them too much for fear of scratching. Well, after procrastinating for so long, I finally transferred Harder To Live to c.d. a few minutes ago, and by golly, it worked! Now I can listen to it in the car or in the basement. I'll be making a comp. c.d. with two songs from this baby on it this evening (if I have the energy).

I know you guys know how to do all this stuff, or you could care less because you don't own any vinyl, but for me, it's just too cool.

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