On the 10th of Feb of this year, writer/radio host Mark Justice passed away at the age of 57. During the course of his short life, he wrote dozens of great horror, fantasy and pulp action tales. One of his last creations was “The Dead Sheriff” originally released a few years ago by another publisher.

Richard O’Malley is a hard working Boston reporter in the years following the Civil War.  He is fascinated by tales of the Wild West and the colorful frontiersmen who are taming it. None captivate him more than the stories of the Dead Sheriff; a dedicated lawman who had risen from the grave to continue his mission. Taking his life savings, O’Malley embarks on a personal quest to find this mythical figure and chronicle his exploits. What he finds will make them both legends.

Airship 27 Productions Managing Editor relates the history behind this new edition.  “Prior to his death, Mark contacted us to see if we would be willing to reprint this brilliant weird western of his.  Mark, a regular contributor to our books, loved how we dress up our titles with classic pulp-like covers and use interior illustrations.  Mark wanted “The Dead Sheriff” to have that authentic pulp touch and we were only to happy to deliver.”

When the author passed away unexpectedly, Fortier was left wondering if the project would ever be completed.  “When Mark’s wife, Norma Kay, contacted me several months later, I was delighted. Norma was aware of Mark’s desire to see this new edition get done and gave us her blessing to continue with the project.  We honestly could not have done it without her.”

Fortier then assembled his art team under the guidance of Art Director Rob Davis.  Canadian Art Cooper was recruited to do the nine black and white interior illustrations and for the ghoulish western cover, Zachary Brunner was brought on board.  “When we explained to them the significance of this project” adds Fortier, “both of them were thrilled and honored to sign on in helping to keep Mark’s dream alive.  And they delivered above and beyond.  This is truly one of the most beautiful books we have ever put out.”

Now Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to bring pulp fans Mark Justice’s most original creation in this new, expanded edition; the first of a brand new series starring…THE DEAD SHERIFF.


Available now at Amazon and soon on Kindle.