Horrific Things that Secretly Lurk on the Web

The internet is a place where people get to express themselves via their own websites, research, play online games (on sites such as casino.netbet.co.uk), communicate with friends and family all around the world and for businesses to showcase who they are. There are times where you will see horrific videos of human or animal abuse shared online, where there is an outcry from viewers in hopes that the perpetrator will be caught and have charges laid against them. In many cases, these creeps are arrested due to their identity being exposed. When posting on the surface web, people are not anonymous – even if their names are hidden, they can be traced via their IP address. But what if we told you, there is another part of the internet not explored by the general public which actually makes up about 80% of the internet, where you and others can post, create and do whatever you want often without apprehension thanks to being completely anonymous. This place is known as the dark web.

The dark web is filled with more than you could imagine being true. You can purchase illicit substances or weaponry, hire a hitman, watch horrific and disgusting videos and more… Do not visit the dark web unless you are prepared to have your stomach turned in discomfort and stress. If you are brave enough to have a look, be sure to explore while protected by covering your webcam and installing a secure VPN which will hide your IP address and personal information – or else you may fall victim to hackers or even be discovered by lurkers. In order to access the dark web, you can follow this guide.

Read more to find out about the Horrific Things that Secretly Lurk on the Web.

  1. The Human Experiment


The Human Experiment considered being one of the most disturbing sites on the dark web. Basically, as the name suggests, people who are kidnapped have horrific experiments performed on them live for viewer’s pleasure and payment via their online eWallet. Experiments have included injecting bleach into pregnant women, performing radiation experiments, starving people to death and other torturous activities. Viewers can bid on what they would like done to the victims, and if their bid is high enough, they can enjoy watching their wishes come true.


  1. Cannibal Forum


Cannibal Forum is a space where cannibals, people who enjoy and practice eating human flesh and meat, can openly discuss a variety of related topics together. They will share information about who they are preying on, their different murder methods, preferred recipes, as well as the feelings they feel when cannibalizing someone. They also have live streams discussing how to best cook people as well as arrange meet up murder and dines. What is really scary is when one realizes how many cannibals there really are.


  1. Child Pornography


On the dark web there are hundreds of sites, some small and some with an extremely large membership base, entirely devoted to child pornography. Some of these sites will show images and recorded videos of children being molested, while some, similarly to The Human Experiment, live stream the abuse taking place and allow bidders to decide what should be done. Some of these sites are dedicated to creating a database of children and their locations, in order to assist pedophiles in finding their prey. It is truly sickening that this is happening.


There, of course, have been many attempts to infiltrate these websites and have them shut down. However, it is extremely difficult due to the extreme anonymity of the dark web. When one site is shut down, it can simply resurface again under a new domain. People who try to investigate also put themselves at risk, as the people running these sites are extremely skilled hackers who find ways to uncover people who are there with ulterior motives – and can hack and find personal information about their families and more. When journalists are threatened by these hackers, it is usually easier to just turn away. If you are brave, take all the precautions you can, you don’t want to end up being found by these deeply disturbing people.