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Matthew Warner

Once Upon a Gory Fairy Tale

"I shall … be accused of putting a number of naughty things into your head, which it is most probable you never think of yourself."
—Author's note to "The Good Boy's Soliloquy," published 1822 by Samuel Wood & Sons, writer unknown

My mother-in-law tells a funny, almost allegorical, true story about a fellow teacher at her elementary school. This teacher one day decided to read her class Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm's fairy tale, "The Bremen Town Musicians," a quaint story starring four animals identified as a pussy, a bitch, an ass, and a cock.

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Matthew Warner is the author of Eyes Everywhere, Death Sentences: Tales of Punishment & Revenge and The Organ Donor. He frequently gives presentations on horror literature and writing to public schools and libraries. He lives in Virginia with illustrator and web designer Deena Warner. Stop by his website and say hi.

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