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Matthew Warner

Selections from the Field Guide to Creepy Art

There's a lot of crap wrong with my local newspaper, believe me, but one thing about it I appreciate is the series of children's artwork it runs on the back of the "A" section over the weather report.

For one of my birthdays, Deena presented me with a leather-bound scrapbook entitled the Field Guide to Creepy Art and invited me to collect those compositions I found particularly weird, dark, and inspiring. Because I know you will appreciate them, I offer my top 10 selections for your viewing pleasure.

creepy 1

A family of spirits floats in a netherworld of blue nothingness. Who were they in life, and more importantly, why are they smiling?

creepy 2

Beware the shade of the headless penguin, standing vigil at the void of chaos.

creepy 3

Beneath a swollen sun, emaciated natives dance an unholy sabbath around a sacrifical altar to the god Poit. Behold, a fish creature from another dimension materializes in the air.

creepy 4

Nobody expects the Grim Reaper.

creepy 5

On the first day of the alien invasion, a great blue spacecraft shaped like an almighty hand slipped by our defenses. It squashed the orange house beside the Black Sea.

creepy 6

Rather than face his destiny in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, he waded into the ocean. The tidalwave washed over him, and he died with a smile on his face.

creepy 7

Ignoring the red man's warning, he ventured from his humble abode into the forbidden woods. He was scarcely four steps from his door when flying black demons descended upon him in a swarm.

creepy 8

Tired of a career as an animated character in an old Beatles music video, the Man With the Rainbow Umbrella prepared to board his brown pod space craft and leave dreamland forever. He drew graffitti on the wall as he walked away. The sky rained upon him to show its displeasure.

creepy 9

As she walked along, she noticed that the shrub near her had abruptly assumed an alarming shade of orange. Too late, she realized it was reflecting the light of a giant orange spacecraft descending directly onto her. Orange levitation beams erupted from the spacecraft's teat-shaped underside, and she was sucked up inside of it—never to be heard from again.

creepy 10

The ice monster approached me. It raised its tree branch-like arm into the air and laughed maniacally.

I encourage you to begin your own collection of creepy and inspirational art. Happy hunting!

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