Author's Notes
Matthew Warner

Now for the Moral of This Story:
Don't Swim in the Company's Pool With Your Manuscript

Besides the realization that horror writers aren't actually crosseyed psychopathic nethercreatures with horns, the thing that amazes non-writers the most is that the majority of us hold down day jobs. Yes, alas, the days when we authors (and now I'm referring to all of us, not just horror writers) relaxed in plush firelit dens with our quills to dash off a few lines of dialogue before adjourning to the boudoir for intimate conversation, brandy, and pipes lit with $100 bills, are long gone.

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Matthew Warner is the author of the critically acclaimed first novel The Organ Donor and a forthcoming story in Cemetery Dance magazine. He lives in Falls Church, VA, with illustrator and web designer Deena Warner . Stop by his website and say hi.


November 2004