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Matthew Warner

Editor's Note: As part of our monthly serving of content, Matthew Warner will cook up columns on craft, marketing, and other such things related to writing. Matt is the author of the critically acclaimed first novel The Organ Donor and a forthcoming story in Cemetery Dance magazine--neither of which have given readers indigestion, as far as he knows.

I'll Have One Large Blood Shake and a Side-Order of Stereotypes, Please

Ever since my induction into horror publishing, marked by a secret blood sabbath and ceremonial branding at the Horror Writers Association headquarters, I've heard a lot of bitching about the public's perception of Horror (note the capital H) as the bastard stepchild of literature. They say that most civilians, fed a constant diet of Chucky, Freddy, and other cinema splattershtick, perceive horror as (in the words of, "base entertainment devoid of literary merit"--or at worst, Satanic. And you know what I say to all those whiners in our industry?

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Horror Isn't a 4-Letter Word