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Matthew Warner


You Are the Author

This month, I invite you sit in the driver�s seat of this column. What the hell.

Below, you�ll find a form with several questions to answer. When you hit the �Submit� button at the bottom, it will go to our patented Horror World Article GeneratorTM and spit out an opinion column written by a very important person: you!

Once you�re done, print your masterpiece from your web browser. And it�d be a hoot if you posted it to this link at the Horror World message board.

Then try it again! With different tones to choose from and some paragraph randomizers, there�s fun in store for the whole family.

So whaddya waiting for?

  1. Your name (for your byline):

  2. Your favorite genre:

  3. Your profession:

  4. Name 3 authors and their genders:
             Author 1:     This author is a:
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             Author 3:     This author is a:

  5. Name two book titles:
             Book 1:
             Book 2:

  6. Name an animal:

  7. Name a body part (plural):

  8. Name a famous street:

  9. Name a foreign country:

  10. Name a color:

  11. Name a term of endearment (e.g., dear, Snookums):

  12. Type of dwelling you live in:

  13. Name your favorite food (singular):

  14. Enter a number between 2 and 5:

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  16. Select the tone for your column:



Matthew Warner is the author of Eyes Everywhere, Death Sentences: Tales of Punishment & Revenge, The Organ Donor, and the forthcoming Horror Isn't a 4-Letter Word: Essays on Writing & Appreciating the Genre. He frequently gives presentations on horror literature and writing to public schools and libraries. He lives in Virginia with illustrator and web designer Deena Warner. Stop by his website and say hi.

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