My name’s David J. Stieve; some of you super horror fans out there might know me as the screenwriter of Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon and its upcoming comic book formatted sequel (also on IndieGoGo!). I’ve begun work on my first directorial effort, a short film set in good ol’ Leslie’s universe of stories, and I need some help to bring this particular piece of that universe to life! It’s a huge passion project for me, and I’m humbly and gratefully asking for your support.

WAIT FOR IT is a loving deconstruction of the slasher genre, set in a similar (incredibly so) universe as the films we all know and love: Halloween, Friday the 13th, Black Christmas, and my personal bias, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. In this short film, we follow our Survivor Girl heroine, Darcy, as she travels home after a night out with friends, remaining ever-vigilant to the possibility that the masked maniac she previously tangled with could reappear at any moment. Especially if she lets her guard down. You see, being a Survivor Girl comes with a personal cost, one that endures long after the mayhem we’ve all seen has ended; Halloween night was bad, sure, but the middle of November ain’t no picnic, either.

Your contribution will enable WAIT FOR IT to be finished, the RIGHT way, without cutting corners and having to scrimp and cheat, and to avoid the inevitable pitfalls and landmines of post-production that sink so many wonderful independent projects painfully close to the goal line.

I believe in WAIT FOR IT, and I believe horror fans like you will also appreciate it and be proud to have helped bring it to life.

You can contribute to WAIT FOR IT right here: