We are excited to reveal the first trailer for the upcoming romantic horror dramedy HAPPY ENDINGS ARE A RARITY, which will be self-distributed on Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD this summer by Slash Gang Productions.

Directed by: Blair Hoyle & Michael Bardon
Written by: Blair Hoyle
Starring: Will Bryant, Paige Smith, Cullen Ries, Phil Culton, Stefani Cronley, Tyler Stafford, and John Lineberry

After a traumatic event renders him unwilling to leave the confines of his home, Landon (Will Bryant) struggles to maintain relationships with the love of his life (Paige Smith) and his childhood friends (Cullen Ries and Phil Culton). When they visit him during their final winter break before graduating from college, old secrets are brought into the light, and Landon begins to suspect that his house is haunted.

Produced on a shoestring budget, this experimental genre film marks the directorial debut of co-directors Blair Hoyle and Michael Bardon.