A71 Entertainment has acquired the Canadian rights from Breakthrough Entertainment to distribute the horror feature The Heretics. A71 and Breakthrough will also be partnering with Black Fawn Distribution to help bring home the occult thriller to horror fans across Canada in early 2018. Directed by Chad Archibald (Bite, The Drownsman), produced by Black Fawn Films (Antisocial, The Sublet, Let Her Out) and distributed worldwide by Breakthrough Entertainment, The Heretics has been heating up the festival circuit with its world premiere at Toronto’s Canadian Film Fest with further premieres taking place at SITGES (Spain), Hardline Film Festival (Germany), and Lund International Fantastic Film Festival (Sweden). Following in the footsteps of his previous films, Archibald’s penchant for the sticky and the stomach-churning holds true with The Heretics, which is destined to become a horror classic with fans everywhere.

A71 has also announced a Canadian theatrical release for The Heretics through the Canadian Indie Film Series, a partnership created with Landmark Cinemas. The Heretics will hit Landmark theatres for a national special event premiere on November 1st, 2017. The week-long national release run will then begin on November 3, 2017. A brand new theatrical poster for the film has also been released.

The Heretics tells the pagan tale of Gloria, (Nina Kiri – Let Her Out, TV’s The Handmaid’s Tale) a young girl who is abducted by a troubled man (Ry Barrett – The Drownsman, The Demolisher) who claims that a cult is hunting her down. His goal is to protect her until sunrise but, while restrained, Gloria falls deathly ill. While her friends and family desperately search for her, the source of her illness becomes more apparent. She’s not sick…she’s changing.