the-cullingWith the Closed Alpha test behind us, Xaviant is thrilled to announce that The Culling is available earlier than originally planned. Find it on Steam Early Access now and get ready for wild, blood-pumping action as you fight solo or in teams to be the last one standing!

“It’s been exciting to see players try out The Culling’s Closed Alpha and have just as much fun playing as we’ve had creating our crazy kill-or-be-killed title,” says Michael McMain, CEO of Xaviant. “The feedback acquired from the test has been invaluable and will serve as the first of many steps towards helping The Culling reach its incredible potential. See you on the island.”

With only 20 minutes to craft weapons and hunt down the other contestants, The Culling is as tense a battle royale experience as can be. Prepare for skill-testing, slaughter-filled matches as players give it their all to survive. Sixteen enter, but only one can come out alive.

How will you fare on the island?

The Culling is available now on Steam Early Access. Contestants also have the ability to purchase The Culling in a convenient 2-pack available right now on Humble Bundle, allowing players to partner up at a discounted price!

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About Xaviant:

Founded in 2007, Xaviant is an independent game development studio working on its second title, The Culling. Xaviant’s first game, Lichdom: Battlemage, was released in 2013 and set the tone for the highly ambitious and innovative projects the company likes to pursue. Staffed with a small team of industry veterans, Xaviant is a proud member of Atlanta’s growing game development scene.

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