Mockumentary The Bigfoot Project comes to VOD April 4th and features Kevin Farley and YouTube pioneer Andy Goldenberg.

For someone who has never shown his face, Bigfoot is no stranger to the world of movies and television. While most of the films about Sasquatch live in the horror genre, filmmaker Ricardo Herrera wanted to bring a lighter side to this mythical monster. Herrera’s feature film directorial debut, The Bigfoot Project, focuses on a group of amateur filmmakers who decide to spend two weeks looking for the beast in the backwoods of Georgia.

Leading the on-screen ensemble is Captain Steve, played by Andy Goldenberg (Jack and Jill), whose movie song parodies under the name Goldentusk have collected more than 55 million views on YouTube. Steve and his team cross paths with a crazy hermit, Willie Ray (Kevin Farley, The Waterboy), who tells them he regularly spends time with Bigfoot, propelling the filmmakers to go looking for themselves. Over the next two weeks, Jamie (Emily O’Brien, The Young and the Restless), Moose (Nick Armstrong, Red Shirts), and Mickey (Arnie Pantoja, Hamlet 2) try to reign in Steve’s obsession, while working through their shortcomings as documentarians and outdoorsmen. Also featured in cameos are iZombie’s Malcolm Goodwin and Drunk History’s Mark Gagliardi.

The movie plays off meta humor, constantly aware that the characters are novice filmmakers. But even though Herrera was working with a bare-bones budget, he wanted to avoid making the finished product look cheap. Together with the director of photography Lowell A. Meyer, they carefully choreographed long takes with the actors to look authentic to the characters shooting them. This also gave the seasoned improvisers on the cast the freedom to live in the moments, supplemented by a shooting experience not unlike what is seen on film. The cast and crew lived in a rented cabin in California’s San Bernardino mountains, stretching every dollar by bunking and eating homemade meals together. Farley embraced the endeavor, saying, “it was such an honor to work with such a talented cast. I loved the improvisational vibe on the set, and it shows how much fun it was to make on the screen.”

To showcase the film’s big name, Herrera and producers Cameron Fife and Michael J. Wickham have been reaching out to the cryptozoological community to drum up buzz for the April 4th release. So far the support has been positive with many Bigfoot believers and Sasquatch-seekers looking forward to seeing a different kind of film on the topic. “Stylistically, I hope it will appeal to fans of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Spinal Tap,” says Herrera, “and Bigfoot, of course.”

The Bigfoot Project is distributed by Gravitas Ventures and will be available on demand through Dish Network, Cox, Charter, and Verizon FiOS, and for rental or purchase through iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, VUDU, Amazon, Microsoft, and Vimeo as well as DVD and Blu-ray. Preorders are currently available through Amazon and iTunes.