Severin Films invites you to explore the seedy underbelly of the Big Apple from the safety of your own home with BAG BOY LOVER BOY. After a month-long window of availability on digital platforms, this slimy controversy magnet is oozing onto Blu-Ray and DVD on July 25th, featuring brand new exclusive bonus features!

It has been hailed as “raw, funny, and twisted (PopOptiq),” condemned as “soul-crushing and dripping with filth (,” and cheered as “a fresh new outsider vision (Fantasia)” at film festivals around the world. In this “sincerely disturbing (Indiewire)” debut from co-writer/director Andres Torres, a slow-witted misfit named Albert (Jon Wachter, giving what HorrorNews calls “the best male performance in a horror film this year”) sells hot dogs all night from the most unsanitary food cart in downtown Manhattan. But when he’s invited to become the new model for a manipulative fetish photographer, Albert will be exposed to a seething city underbelly where desire masquerades as perversion and depravity poses as art. It may shock you. You might even be appalled. But you have never seen anything quite like BAG BOY LOVER BOY.

Special Features:

  • Audio Commentary With Director Andres Torres, Actor Theodore Bouloukos, and Editor Charlie Williams
  • The Student Films of Actor Jon Wachter: GOT LIGHT and THE NEVER-STARTING STORY
  • Trailer