Secession Book One: Voluntary Deportation

Not with an iron fist, but with Nuclear Words

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Upon scripted words of unification, the American President delivers an ultimatum for the citizens of the United States of America. Remain loyal to The Great Experiment that is America or relocate to Texas and Louisiana, former states that President Barry Bigly forced to secede from the Union.

The New Sovereign Nation of Texiana begins as a sanctuary for those that predicted President Bigly’s tyrannical rule, only to become a desolate wasteland shut off from the rest of the world by a massive border wall. As the Texianans struggle to adjust to their new lifestyles, The American President has other plans to keep their lack of loyalty at bay; raining down deadly chemicals upon the Texianans while preaching propaganda across the airwaves. Unknowingly creating a horde of Victims within the wall’s borders.

Not willing to stand by as the American President methodically eradicates all that do not believe in his ideals for the next evolution of The United States, three young adults join forces to rise up and restore peace and true unity once again.

Essel Pratt is a master of horror and fantasy, conjuring tales that haunt souls and inspire imagination. As a student of psychology and teller of tales, Essel writes to share the complex nature of his imaginings with the world. His ever-expanding catalog of short stories spans multiple anthologies and collections, ranging from whimsical fantasy to bizarre horror, including everything in between. Dedicated fans have praised his creations, labeling his talents as prolific in substance. .

Secession Part One: Voluntary Deportation is a YA novella with a political spin and a new breed of zombies, known as the Victims. Released in Spaghetti Western style, each book in the series will begin where the previous left off. The short reads will ensure they are easy to pack while on the go.

Hailing from Mishawaka, Indiana, his passion for writing began in the early years as his imagination taunted from within, begging for a release. Dabbling in art at first, he found that the stories that pleaded to be told could not be imprisoned by ink and paint alone. His most notable and prevalent accomplishments include Final Reverie, Sharkantula, and the multiple short stories that have garnered a following of their own, such as the “Adventures of Detective Mansfield.”

Essel Pratt can be reached at the following:

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