Are you ready to try a horror game that will leave you asking for more? With a story that pulls you in, fluid gameplay, and a hospital full of mysteries, Roots of Insanity invites you to a riveting experience. Roots of Insanity is out now on Steam!

Take on the role of Riley McClein, an epileptic doctor who soon finds his usual night shift at August Valentine Hospital has twisted into something more dire. A scream in the night pulls you from your office to find the hospital and yourself in a state of chaos and unreality. Help Dr. McClein uncover the sources of the horrors inhabiting the hospital, rescue your patients, and deal with his epileptic attacks and perhaps you’ll survive this mind-bending night. Can you hold onto reality in Roots of Insanity?

Roots of Insanity is available now on Steam for $9.99 USD!

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