YouTube personality Gabrielle Alexander, known for her “at work” reaction videos and paranormal videos, stars as the titular role in Sylvia, a drama short film with underlying themes of horror. The film follows a young painter named Sylvia as she and her bed-ridden mother (played by Evelyn Sabbag) face foreclosure of their home. Botched television star and Hollywood, Florida resident Rajee Narinesingh makes an appearance at the end of the film as the realtor; a small yet prophetic role which helps close out the piece.

The project was written, directed, and edited by Carlie McCann, with Carlie also handling production design in conjunction with Jesh Castillo. Sylvia is produced by Carlos Arroyo, with cinematography by Ivan Colon.

McCann is a native of Treasure Island, Florida. Sylvia will be Carlie’s first project outside of her work with New York Film Academy, where she is a student. The lead, Gabrielle Alexander made her acting debut in 2014 with the short film Sunset Noir and has since acted in the feature film Lovely Thoughts. Alexander is also a writer, director, and editor amongst many other positions, including production designer, make-up artist, script supervisor, and producer. This project will be Rajee Narinesingh’s second film since returning to acting after a nine-year hiatus. She made her return in the drama/fantasy short Prophecy as the Tea Leaf Reader.


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