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Random thoughts of an addicted runner - Episode 3
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Author:  tgarsenault [ Thu Jul 11, 2013 12:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Random thoughts of an addicted runner - Episode 3

I love running…

Took most of the week off last week to gather my senses before training for the Wine Glass Marathon. And now I am back and plunging head first into training, into a sport I love the most. But today’s 7-miler was the type of run I love the least … but still love, don’t get me wrong. Today’s episode is sponsored by the letters H and ... H, for today’s run was extremely HOT and HUMID, feeling like I was running through quicksand with a thick towel over my mouth. This was the run that creates the infamous “Dirty Diaper” syndrome (you can laugh—I AM the one wearing the diaper after all), and leaving a trail of sweat behind me on Chestnut Ridge Road as I finish my run.

All I could think about for the first three miles was breathe…breathe…BREATHE! Once I found my groove, the brain allowed my think of other things, and today was another active day along my synapses.

Running by the church today, the germination of another story came when I heard the angry cawing of two crows resting on its steeple. One cawed only once or twice, as though merely confused of my presence. The other … well, I could tell he hated me by his incessant complaints. Maybe they were angry they didn't have enough of them on their side to commit my murder ...

I immediately wondered what the fuss was about and actually flipped them the bird (for realz) and, surprisingly, they stopped. But I couldn’t help but wonder if they were only angry at me disturbing their presence, or, perhaps, were actually protecting something within this glowing white church. Maybe, just maybe, behind these sanctified walls adorned with the steps of the cross, the nectar of the crows flowed and meandered over ancient text and symbols, falling down other steps that led somewhere else entirely, somewhere … deep, and harvesting … something.

“Nectar of the Crows”…I think that just may be a sweet story title! Something to tinker with anyway…

Names recited through the cemetery: Criddle, Howarth, and Frantz…if one of them is a repeat, hello again, my friend!

Time to fuel up on some plank salmon and potatoes….yummy!

I do love running....

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