Mean Streets – every town has them. Some are clogged with crime, dirty with the detritus of life – others are backroads so desolate only the wind passes down them, but they are out there. Writers are the same. For one, the country roads of an isolated community dredge up the darkness; for another it’s the alleys of cities, or the streetlamps and mulberry trees of suburbia.

In this Storybundle you’ll find 13 novels by 11 authors who understand that darkness, and who welcome you into their personal shadows. From the creator of Pinhead, to the father of Rambo and First Blood, From California to North Carolina, London to the heartland… These talented writers are there to guide you. Clive Barker, David Morrell, Ed Gorman, Tom Piccirilli, Maynard Sims, Steven Savile, Sean Black, Tony Black, Bill Pronzini and David Niall Wilson. The price you pay if of your own choosing – the length and breadth of the journey are controlled by your fingtertips. The Mean Streets are waiting…

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