Evil Dead 2 x Phantom Halls  update, featuring brand new Evil Dead 2-themed missions, enemies, traps, and environments, will launch for free for the Steam Early Access title on Monday 18 September.

1 SEPTEMBER 2017 — Incendium Games is delighted to announce that its Early Access haunted house game, Phantom Halls, will receive a huge update later this month capitalising on its Evil Dead 2 license.

The update, named  Evil Dead 2 x Phantom Halls, brings an entire new mission set to the game – with environments, enemies and traps from the ’80s classic movie. It will take the form of a free update to Phantom Halls and will release via Steam on Monday 18 September.

Phantom Halls is a procedurally generated haunted house game. A group of teenagers enters a haunted mansion and fights to stay alive. Players control up to three characters at once, each with their own attacks and special abilities, as they attempt to survive and escape the Phantom Halls.

The  Evil Dead 2 x Phantom Halls update will add a range of Evil Dead 2-themed quests, which will be accessible by selecting Ash as your playable character in the character select menu. These quests come complete with new enemy types and trap encounters, including Deadites, evil tree spirits, an angry Necronomicon, and more.

New environments and locations from Evil Dead 2 expand the grounds of the  Phantom Halls mansion, including the infamous Evil Dead cabin, which has been meticulously recreated in the game’s trademark papercraft style. New gameplay mechanics include mini-boss battles – face off against the freakish Gooseneck and battle your way to an upgraded Evil Ash showdown!

An array of concepts and work-in-progress assets are now available to the media, with in-game screenshots and video to follow.

Phantom Halls is available via Steam Early Access for £6.66. The game, including the  Evil Dead 2 x Phantom Halls update, will be playable at EGX in Birmingham, UK, from 21 to 24 September.