Shiver Games is excited to announce that Lucius Demake is coming to Android devices on Oct 10th, 2017. The highly stylized retro-horror-adventure will be available in the Google Play Store and Amazon App Store as a premium title priced at $2.99.

Lucius Demake is a re-imagining of the original Lucius game, made to look as if it is actually from the late 80s, complete with 2D pixel graphics and 16 colors. Why did Shiver Games decide to do something like this? It all started when Gergely Sinkó, a fan of the original game, created a mock-up concept picture: The image resonated with the team so much that they decided Lucius needed to be completely reborn in the 1980s. Shiver Games reached out to Gergely and asked him to recreate the whole game with them in his distinctive style. He was hired and the devil’s son was born again – this time, with only twelve pixels.

The story in Lucius Demake stays true to the original game. Taking control of the devil’s son, it’s your job to wreak havoc in the vast mansion that is Dante Manor. Each chapter follows the formula set by the original game, minus a few instances where you’ll get a more authentic 80’s arcade style experience to fit in with Gergely’s style. Lucius Demake features a full-length story that will take between 5 to 8 hours to complete, and will take you back twenty years to invoke those precious pixelated memories of video games from your childhood – or let you experience them now for the first time.

Game features:

● Unique 2D horror adventure gaming experience

● 2D open world

● Uncinematic cutscenes with 16 colors and low amount of pixels

● Breathtaking 80’s atmosphere and stunning low-res visuals

● Harness supernatural pixel powers, including telekinesis and mind control

● Experience the terror of a classic tale from the horror movie genre

● Over 20 original tracks of music that compliments the time and feel of the game

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