From the Hell House LLC Facebook Page:

Hell House LLC III: Lake of Fire premieres exclusively on Shudder tomorrow, Thursday (9/19/19) from Terror Films.

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Don’t miss the 3rd and final installment in the Hell House LLC Franchise and prepare yourself for the limited series, #TheAbaddonTapes (Coming Soon).

See the film critics are raving about:

“Pure gold” – CreepyLovely

“4 out of 5 stars” –

“Full of pulse-pounding terror” – Ghastly Grinning

“A meticulous blending of footage and scares” – Geeks of Doom

“Great performances and creepy effects” – The Blogging Banshee

“The entire cast feels genuine in their performances” – Back Lot 605

“Returns back to the root of its creepy clowns and claustrophobic feel” – Signal Horizon

“Watch it with the lights on, sit back and enjoy the very scary ride” – Medium / Still Crew

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