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Carnival of The Damned by Edited by Henry Snider; Evil Jester Press; 2014; 179 pgs; $2.99 E-Book US

Carnival of The Damned is the third circus/carnival related anthology for review that has come across my desk in the last six months.  I had read the other two prior to Carnival of The Damned, and I was highly disappointed … Continue reading

Qualia Nous by Edited by Michael Bailey; Written Backwards Press; 2014; 448 pgs; $18.00 US

The Qualia Nous horror anthology (edited by Michael Bailey and published by Written Backward Press) is quite the horror tome weighing in with 30 stories and poems, all of which having firm roots in science fiction.  The anthologies content appears to … Continue reading

The Lilitu by Toby Tate; Permuted Press; 2015; 85 pgs; $N/A US

Those familiar with Toby Tate’s prior work will be delighted to learn that, The Lilitu, a new novella release from the author features two of his most popular characters, Olivia, and Gabrielle Lincoln. For those unfamiliar with Tate’s earlier novels, … Continue reading

Once Upon An Apocalypse by Rachel Kenley and Scott T. Goudsward - Editors; Chaosium Inc.; 2014; 192 pgs; $14.95 US

Just when you thought that there was nothing new between the pages of a zombie book, Once Upon An Apocalypse comes shuffling along.  This anthology collects 23 stories that are a mash-up of zombies and fairy tales. Yes, fairy tales. … Continue reading

The Janus Demon by R. E. Dent; Great Old Ones; 2014; 282 pgs; $11.03 Paper US

Reading fantasy novels is usually problematic for me.  I have the same comprehension problems with fantasy as I do with science fiction; there are too many unpronounceable names, too many unpronounceable otherworlds, and too many unpronounceable type of species for … Continue reading

Case White by Thomas Sullivan; Crossroad Press; 2014; 348 pgs; $4.99 E-Book US

While there have been many fictional accounts written of the ties between Nazism and the occult most of them have been pulp reads with themes so over the top that Hitler’s preoccupation with the supernatural is often reduced to a … Continue reading

Factory Town by John Bassoff; DarkFuse; 2014; 212 pgs; $6.99 E-Book US

This is one wild book.  For starters, like his previous novel, Corrosion, the author has never met a set of quotation marks he liked.  Even in dialog, you may ask?  Nope, not even in dialog.  Sentences just run along; dialog … Continue reading

Hell Comes To Hollywood II by Various Author's; Big Time Books; 2014; 374 pgs; $3.82 E-Book US

Hell Comes To Hollywood II, is a collection of themed stories that deal with the dark side of movie making (well, for the most part it does, some of these tales deal with the peripheries of the business).  On the … Continue reading

Martuk…The Holy: Proseuche by Johnathan Winn; CreateSpace; 2014; 442 pgs; $2.99 E-Book US

Have you ever finished a book, put it down, and then asked yourself, what in the hell did I just read? Granted, you usually don’t wait until the end of a book to ask yourself some variation of that question, … Continue reading

Blood Paternal (Origins Of Blood – Book 1) by Janet Joyce Holden; Crossroad Press; 2014; 274 pgs; $3.99 US

Vampire novels, they’re a dime a dozen.  Most of them all read the same, and most of them offer little more than what we’ve come to expect from the trope. In my opinion, there’s only one way to beat this … Continue reading