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Open Wounds by Brandon Ford; Create Space; 2014; 282 pgs; $9.77 US

Kate Montgomery is fourteen years old, and moving from California to Philadelphia due to her parents’ break-up. Her mother has had enough with Kate’s drunkard father, and it’s the last straw when he hits her in a drunken rage. Pam, … Continue reading

Clean Freak by Sean M. Davis; Black Bed Sheet Books; 2013; 256 pgs; $5.99 US

Clarence is a night-shift custodian in an office building. Since he is completely obsessive-compulsive about cleaning and sanitizing, he absolutely loves his job. Unfortunately, his boss doesn’t admire his cleaning capabilities since Clarence takes way too long to complete his … Continue reading

The Night Prophets (The Ultimate Edition) by Paul F. Olson; Black Death Books; 2013; 568 pgs; $3.99 US

The Night Prophets was first published in 1989, back when vampires – real vampires, not the sparkly ones – were the popular monster at the time. Considered too long, it was published in an edited version. Now it’s back, this … Continue reading

Tears of No Return by David Bernstein; Evil Jester Press; 2012; 296 pgs; $14.95 US

Karen is minding her own business, about to grab money from an ATM, when she is attacked and kidnapped by a deranged man. Soon after her ordeal begins, she starts to realize that her assailant, Josh, is not out to … Continue reading

Killer Spiders by Lex Sinclair; Austin Macauley; 2013; 302 pgs; $14.95 US

Great Britain, 2005. Huge, poisonous spiders are stealthily taking over. One bite is enough to kill a grown man; there is no defense and there is no antidote. They are immune to all pesticides; the only way to kill them … Continue reading

Looking Backwards in Darkness by Kathryn Ptacek; Borgo Press; 2013; 287 pgs; $15.99 US

When I heard Kathy Ptacek had a new collection published, I bought it immediately. I love her writing, and couldn’t wait to read these stories. What’s funny is that it turned out I had already read quite a few of … Continue reading

Morningstars by Nick Kisella; Black Bed Sheet Books; 2012; 353 pgs; $17.98 US

While Louis Darque sits beside his dying wife as she lies in her hospital bed, he is visited by a demon, B’lial. B’lial claims to be Louis’s father. He offers to save Louis’s wife, in return for Louis’s allegiance. Although … Continue reading

Anthology: Year One by Mark Wholley; Shroud; 2012; 207 pgs; $14.95 US

In 2011, the Shroud Publishing crew, who call themselves The Four Horsemen (Tim Deal, Danny Evarts, Johnny Morse, and Mark Wholley), started their own spec-fic convention that focuses on art and literature called Anthocon. It was a great success (2013 … Continue reading

Drawn and Quartered by Shane McKenzie; Thunderstorm Books; 2012; 275 pgs; $35.00 US

Is it unprofessional to start out with “WOW” in a review? Because if I had to sum up Drawn and Quartered in one word, that would be the one. Shane is a relative “newcomer” to the horror writing community, and … Continue reading

You Shall Never Know Security by J.R. Hamantaschen; Create Space ; 2011; 263 pgs; $10.50 US

This is the first time I’ve read any of Hamantaschen’s work, although I understand the author is popular in the underground world of horror. After reading through this collection, I wouldn’t classify these stories as horror – at least not … Continue reading