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CROGIAN by John Leahy; Necro Publications; 2013; $12.95 US

After nearly closing their doors a couple years ago, Necro Press and founder David Barnett have rebounded nicely, with 11 titles published by my count since their rebirth.  One of those new titles is the debut novel from John Leahy, the … Continue reading

Dark Dreams, Pale Horses by Rio Youers; PS Publishing; 2012; 185 pgs; £11.99 UK

Rio Youers is a highly regarded newer writer, although not quite as new as I’d thought — some quick research showed that Dark Dreams, Pale Horses, his recent collection from PS Publishing, is his fifth book, preceded by three novels and … Continue reading

Black Horse and Other Strange Stories by Jason Wyckoff; Tartarus Press; 2012; 266 pgs; $50.00 US

An author’s path to getting a horror or weird fiction collection published typically involves years of toiling in the small press field and perhaps beyond, building publishing credits, and then compiling a collection of mostly reprints with a few originals … Continue reading

Sudden Death Overtime by Steve Vernon; Crossroad Press; 2012; 52 pgs; $2.99 US

Steve Vernon’s Sudden Death Overtime is a novella that serves as the Canadian author’s love letter to the game of hockey, couched in a story that features both horror and humor, with the balance perhaps tilting more towards the latter. … Continue reading

Pray to Stay Dead by Mason James Cole; Creeping Hemlock; 2011; 344 pgs; $14.95 US

On the surface, Mason James Cole’s Pray to Stay Dead, which comes courtesy of Creeping Hemlock’s Print is Dead imprint, might sound pretty run-of-the-mill, as a variety of characters suddenly find themselves living in a post–zombie-apocalypse world: five friends on … Continue reading

Acheron by Bryon Morrigan; Permuted Press; 2011; 258 pgs; $14.95 US

Bryon Morrigan’s Acheron, published by zombie specialist Permuted Press, benefits from an unusual milieu — it’s set in Iraq and literally starts with a bang when Captain Nathan Leathers’ small convoy is hit by an IED that leaves several members … Continue reading

The Female of the Species by Richard Davis; Shadow Publishing; 2012; 240 pgs; $12.99 US

Shadow Publishing’s collection of Richard Davis’ short fiction, The Female of the Species And Other Terror Tales, is the type of book that I love to see from small presses — a gathering of never-before-collected tales by an overlooked writer … Continue reading

Deadfall Hotel by Steve Rasnic Tem; Centipede Press; 2011; 400 pgs; $65.00 US

“A curtain of gnarled skeleton oak and pine hides it from the rest of the world. The hotel is not well-lit, there is no sign, and night comes early here. The main highway bypassed its access road nearly half a … Continue reading

Terra Damnata by James Cooper; PS Publishing; 2011; 75 pgs; £11.99 UK

When I reviewed James Cooper’s The Beautiful Red several months ago, I briefly lamented the fact that the stories contained in that collection were for the most part surreal in nature, while I preferred Cooper’s work that features more of … Continue reading

Lest You Should Suffer Nightmares: A Biography of Herbert van Thal by Johnny Mains; Screaming Dreams; 2011; 89 pgs; £12.99 UK

The Pan Book of Horror series ran for 30 volumes, between 1959 and 1989, with the first 25 installments edited by Herbert van Thal.  The series was notable both for its emphasis on contes cruels (and some would say too … Continue reading