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Rick Hipson has been scribbling interviews, reviews and articles on whichever venue will have him in the dark culture genre for about the past 8 years or so. After this long, one would think he should either be relatively well known in his field or give up. He has done neither and, in his pursuit of uncovering why almost every publication he has ever been published in no longer exists, he plugs on. With the recent launch of his Dark Bites blog, Rick hopes to give his writing a more public stage while helping while helping to promote other folks far more talented then he. And, with luck, to stop killing all those nice publications. To learn more, visit his blog.

House Guest by John Paul Allen; Biting Dog Press; 2011; 13 printable (estimated) pgs; $0.00 US

House Guest is a creeping monster of a story that penetrates deep under the skin where it gnaws away for all it’s worth. The story is written almost entirely in a narrative, first person POV. No easy task, yet John … Continue reading