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Randall D. Larson has been writing about weird fiction since the 1970s when he began publishing the small press magazines Fandom Unlimited, Threshold of Fantasy, CineFan, and others. His Lovecraftian fiction has appeared in Eldritch Tales, Dark Fantasy, Space & Time, The Arkham Sampler, Etchings & Odysseys, Fantasy Tales, Shudder Stories, and other small press tomes of terror tales well told. A collection of his Mythos tales is due out soon from Mythos Press. Randall has been most prolific as a non-fiction writer and interviewer in the realms of fantasy/horror literature and film music (he writes a regular soundtrack interview column for and has authored more than a hundred soundtrack album liner notes, most within sf/horror genre); he has authored a trilogy of reference books about author Robert Bloch, including a Reader’s Guide, Bibliography, and book of Collected Interviews. He has reviewed books and horror-related soundtracks for Cemetery Dance Magazine for many years, and is a contributor to the online Lovecraft eZine. The gargantuan 2nd edition of his book on film music in fantasy/sf/horror cinema, Musique Fantastique, is due out later this year from Creature Features.

Yours Truly, Jack The Ripper by Robert Bloch; Subterranean Press; 2011; 332 pgs; $40.00 US

Jack the Ripper and Robert Bloch have been cold bedfellows for the majority of the author’s career.  Long before his books were affixed with the moniker “By the author of Psycho,” he was known as “the author of ‘Yours Truly, … Continue reading

The Zombies of Lake Woebegotton by Harrison Geillor ; Night Shade Books; 2010; 294 pgs; $14.99 US

The zombification of classic literature continues to be a surprisingly, but not completely incomprehensible, trend in popular culture.  The pervasive influence of George A. Romero’s NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD over the last forty-plus years continues to resonate in modern … Continue reading