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Mark Justice is a writer and host of Pod of Horror. He sometimes blogs at and he can be reached at Pod of Horror *at* AOL dot com

The Best of the Year

Hi, Kids. It’s been a while. I’m glad you’re here, for it is time again for my annual list of my Top 3 Horror Novels of the year. Okay, it’s my first annual list of my Top 3 Horror Novels … Continue reading

The Joy of JOYLAND

I think I’m breaking every rule in the history of Horror World columns. I’m going to review a book that will almost certainly be reviewed elsewhere on this site. I don’t really see a problem with this (although the Goddess … Continue reading

Collaboration For Dummies

So where were we? Oh, yes. We were talking about comic books. Specifically, I was going to lay out for you how impressed I was that DC Comics, who can’t seem to figure out what to do with their flagship … Continue reading

Fear in the Funny Books

Long before I discovered Ray Bradbury and H.P. Lovecraft and Chiller Theater and Famous Monsters of Filmland, there were comic books (as the title of this piece might indicate, Mom called them “funny books”, which was ironic, since the only … Continue reading

Six-Guns and a Walking Corpse

As I write this, we’re a few weeks away from the long-awaited release of The Dead Sheriff: Zombie Damnation (long-awaited by me; probably not so much by you), the first in a series of supernatural westerns. It’s a concept that’s … Continue reading

Goodbye to the Little People

Fellow Horror Worldians, it is with tear-filled eyes and a trembling lip that I compose this missive to you. You know how much you mean to me, every one of you. Even the one dude who always ends up in … Continue reading

The Three Scariest Words

Okay, since this is Horror World, and my columns tend to skew a little left of serious, I have been asked by She Who Rules Over All of Horror to begin this column with something frightening. Sure. I can do … Continue reading

Pod of Whore and Other Lore, or Who Has Justice Pissed Off Now?

I interview horror writers, and I put those interviews into a little radio show-type thing and call it Pod of Horror. You can sample it on this very website. Just navigate here: Then make with the clicky. I’ll wait. … Continue reading

Inspiration, Motivation and Masturbation*

Huh. Will you look at that. My contract with Horror World has been extended for one more column (at least until The Goddess of Horror World—heretofore referred to as TGoHW so she won’t think I’m padding my word count with … Continue reading

Contagion by Jason Gehlert; Stone Garden Publishing; 2009; 213 pgs; $10.95 US

In Jason Gehlert’s horror-thriller Contagion, a deadly, unknown virus spreads through a leper colony in Africa, transforming its victims into zombie-like monsters, until their bodies break down. Before long a small team of scientist show up, along with the US … Continue reading