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About Mario Guslandi

Most likely the only italian who reads (and reviews) dark fiction in english, Mario Guslandi is a contributor to various genre websites such as Hellnotes, The SF Site, The Zone, SFRevu, The Agony Column etc. In the past his reviews have appeared in the now defunct Infinity Plus, The Alien Online, Emerald City, Necropsy, Whispers of Wickedness and Terror Tales.

The Lord Came at Twilight by Daniel Mills; Dark Renaissance Books; 2014; 230 pgs; $18.95 US

New England native Daniel Mills is the author of bunch of horror stories so far scattered in various journals and anthologies and of a novel entitled Revenants, published by the small British imprint Chomu Press. The present collection assembles fourteen stories … Continue reading

Fearful Symmetries by Ellen Datlow editor; ChiZine Publications; 2014; 357 pgs; $16.99 US

A new book edited by Ellen Datlow is always a good opportunity to read some fine horror stories, especially when – as in the present case- it’s a non-themed anthology assembling only original material, which allows the authors  to contribute … Continue reading

Chiral Mad 2 by Michael Bailey editor; Written Backwards; 2013; 424 pgs; $20.00 US

Following the well received first volume “Chiral Mad 2″ is a mega-anthology of psychological horror ( more than 400 pages) assembling mostly original stories by both established masters of the genre and newcomers. Inevitably the quality of the contributions is extremely … Continue reading

The Lurkers in the Abyss and other Tales of Terror by David A. Riley; Shadow Publishing; 2013; 277 pgs

David A Riley is a veteran British author of horror fiction. His first professional sale was the acclaimed “The Lurkers in the Abyss”, originally appeared in The 11th Pan Book of Horror Stories and reprinted here as the title story … Continue reading

Halloween :Magic, Mystery and the Macabre by Paula Guran ,editor; Prime Books; 2013; 384 pgs; $15.95 US

Halloween is long gone and the next one is far ahead. But for horror lovers Halloween is never out of season, so I ‘m sure this review is not untimely. Distinguished editor Paula Guran has assembled a new anthology featuring … Continue reading

Shadow Masters- An anthology from The Horror Zine by Jeani Rector,editor; Imajin Books; 2013; 348 pgs; $17.00 US

Founder and editor of the acclaimed The Horror Zine, Jeani Rector has assembled a hefty, new horror anthology featuring thirty-seven stories by both well known authors (e.g. Bentley Little, Scott Nicholson, Elizabeth Massie, Melanie Tem, Simon Clark, Lisa Morton) and … Continue reading

Looking Backward in Darkness: Tales of Fantasy and Horror by Kathryn Ptacek; Wildside Press ; 2013; 288 pgs; $15.99 US

  Kathryn Ptacek is a fine example of a writer devoted to that rare but precious subgenre called “quiet horror” where there is  no place for gore and violence, but only for  subtle uneasiness and spookiness generated by a frightening … Continue reading

Simulacrum and Other Possible Realities by Jason V Brock; Hippocampus Press; 2013; 252 pgs; $20.00 US

Jason V Brock is an eclectic artist, whose activities include editing horror anthologies, producing artwork  .composing music and filming documentaries. Every now and then he also tries his hand at writing poetry and horror fiction , as the present volume, … Continue reading

The Speed of Dark by PDR Lindsay & CC Bye editors; Chase Enterprises Publishing; 2013; 334 pgs; $21.95 US

Although this statement might surprise those customers who are  looking for something to read either in the few remaining physical bookstores or in the websites of  mass market publishers, the horror anthology is alive and well thanks to a number … Continue reading

Hell Comes To Hollywood by Eric Miller editor; Big Time Books; 2012; 317 pgs; $14,99 US

Someone would say that the Hollywood world is horrific enough  to have no need of a short story anthology to prove it, but the idea of enrolling a group of  movie and TV professional as horror writers is original enough … Continue reading