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Lisa Morton is a screenwriter, fiction author, and Halloween expert. She lives in North Hollywood, California and works at the Iliad Bookshop, where she catalogs rare books and attends to the every whim of Zola the One-Eyed Pirate Kitty.

From Dusty Shelves #13

We have a lot of regular customers who are serious collectors. We know many of them by name; we know them all by interest. There’s Martin, who collects nineteenth century leatherbound volumes. Bruce and Dalton like vintage paperbacks; Phil’s into … Continue reading

From Dusty Shelves #12

A Day in the Life of a Bookseller I’m always amazed at people who still seem to think that being a bookseller means you get to read on the job all day. God, I would LOVE that job. It sure … Continue reading

From Dusty Shelves #11

Maybe this happens to people in other jobs; it hasn’t happened to me with any of the other positions I’ve held throughout the years, and that includes managing new bookstores. It’s this: I often find myself thinking of the used … Continue reading

From Dusty Shelves #10

I suppose all businesses must be subject to some form of the shuck-and-jive, but for some reason used bookselling seems particularly likely to be subjected to it. You know what I’m talkin’ about, right? It’s not bullying, and it’s not … Continue reading

From Dusty Shelves #9

It will undoubtedly surprise absolutely no one to hear this, but here it is anyway: I am not a big fan of e-books. I’ve got a Kindle. I’ve got a netbook with all kinds of e-reading applications. I don’t enjoy … Continue reading

From Dusty Shelves #8

I thought I’d deviate a little from my usual format and offer something more of an advice column this time around. Think of me as the Dan Savage of Book Love, because I’m going to offer a few tips here … Continue reading

From Dusty Shelves #7

Two weeks ago, my store (the Iliad) lost its feline mascot, Zola. I’ve already written extensively elsewhere about Zola (check my blog for a lengthy tribute), so it’s not my intention to reminisce here, but rather to discuss how … Continue reading

From Dusty Shelves #6

Here at the Iliad Bookshop, we’re big fans of FOUND magazine. Do you know FOUND? It’s a magazine (although they also have a touring show of home movies) that reproduces notes and photos people have found on the streets, in … Continue reading

From Dusty Shelves #5

Last year I did something on a day off that might seem crazy: I helped another bookstore move. Sure, the store was Dark Delicacies, America‚Äôs only brick-and-mortar all-horror bookstore, and sure, owners Del and Sue Howison are among my favorite … Continue reading